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Bugsnax ‘Toasty!’ guide: How to catch Charmallows

A picture of a Charmallow from Bugsnax

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When you first head to Sugarpine Woods, you’ll meet the paranoid scientist Snorpy. The genius will offer up one of their inventions, the Trip Shot, to help you capture various Bugsnax they need. One of those Bugsnax is the flaming hot Charmallow.

In this Bugsnax guide, we’ll show you how to use the Trip Shot — and your environment — to capture the Charmallow.

How to catch Charmallows

A picture of a Charmallow from Bugsnax

The Trip Shot “conducts” water, stopping the burning creature

Image: Young Horses via Polygon

After grabbing the Trip Shot from Snorpy, they’ll ask you to capture two Charmallows from them. As this snak is not only flying, but on fire, you’ll need to put your new tool to use capture it.

First of all, you need to be in Sugarpine Woods around 4 p.m and 4 a.m. which is when Charmallows appear. You may see several flying around at that time with the easiest to capture being the one that flies above the small pool behind Snorpy’s cabin. This one is worth capturing first as it’ll teach you several unique things about Bugsnax that are on fire, also known as “spicy” creatures.

To catch this particular Charmallow, place the Trip Shot in the water in the center of the pool. Then scan the airborne critter with your Snaxscope so you can see its flight path. Once the purple path is illuminated, fire a line against the back of Snorpy’s cabin so that wire intersects with the bug’s movement pattern.

Once the Charmallow hits the wire, it’ll fall into the water, and you can catch it by hand.

Normally, spicy Bugsnax would light the Trip Shot on fire if they touch it, and they’re also impossible to capture while they’re still on fire. However, since you placed the Trip Shot in the water, the tool is technically conducting the element of water across the wire, meaning that it won’t catch fire if it touches a flaming snak. When the Charmallow falls into the water, its flames will extinguish, allowing you to capture it. Keep these tips in mind when trying to capture other spicy Bugsnax.

There is a second Charmallow that can fall into a pool of water in the northern part of Sugarpine Woods. To get there, look for the launch pad opposite Snorpy’s cabin door. Jump up there, and head to your left to find another pool of water and a Charmallow.

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