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Cuphead, developer StudioMDHR Entertainment’s Xbox One and Windows PC exclusive action game, is as difficult as it is twisted and beautiful. In Polygon’s collection of Cuphead guides, you’ll find tips to get you started, defeat the mausoleums, walkthroughs and strategies and videos for each boss fight, a collection of tips to help you survive — and even a guide dedicated to making the controls better.

Tips, tricks and suggestions

  • Cuphead tips: How to fix the controls: Friends don’t let friends use default controls
  • Cuphead guide: the 10 most helpful tips: Cuphead’s difficult, but it’s easier with a little help

Boss guides

We’ve organized our boss guides based on the regions where you can find them. Click the links below to visit the boss page, which includes strategies and videos for each.

Inkwell Isle I

  • Cagney Carnation in Floral Fury
  • Goopy Le Grande in Ruse of an Ooze
  • Hilda Berg in A Threatenin’ Zeppelin
  • Ribby and Croaks in Clip Joint Calamity
  • The Root Pack in Botanic Panic
  • Mausoleum I

Inkwell Isle II

  • Baroness Von Bon Bon in Sugarland Shimmy
  • Beppi the Clown in Carnival Kerfuffle
  • Djimmi the Great in Pyramid Peril
  • Grim Matchstick in Fiery Frolic
  • Wally Warbles in Aviary Action
  • Mausoleum II

Inkwell Isle III

  • Cala Maria in High Seas Hi-jinx
  • Captain Brineybeard in Shootin N’ Lootin
  • Dr. Kahl’s Robot in Junkyard Jive!
  • Phantom Express in Railroad Wrath
  • Rumor Honeybottoms in Honeycomb Herald
  • Sally Stageplay in Dramatic Fanatic
  • Werner Werman in Murine Corps
  • Mausoleum III


  • King Dice in All Bets Are Off
  • The Devil in One Hell of a Time

Mausoleum guides

  • Mausoleum I
  • Mausoleum II
  • Mausoleum III

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