Dead by Daylight’s next Killer is an evil tech CEO, the Skull Merchant

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Dead by Daylight is full of Killers with fearsome weapons, from rusty cleavers to a deadly harpoon gun. The game’s next original Killer uses something a little more sophisticated: drones. Adriana Imai, also known as the Skull Merchant, is a tech executive who uses her massive amounts of wealth to create new and sinister ways to murder people. She’s joined by two new Survivors: Talita and Renato Lyra.

Tools of Torment is Dead by Daylight’s 27th chapter. While it doesn’t include a brand new map along with its new characters, there will be an update to the Shelter Woods map — the Skull Merchant has set up her hunting camp in this area.

The Skull Merchant’s power is Eyes in the Sky. She has four drones, each with a skull from one of her previous victims attached, which she can use to surveil Survivors and scout out areas. Survivors will have to find a way to disable these drones while evading her sharp claws.

Meanwhile, Thalita and Renato are a pair of good kids who helped out their local community by running a kite-flying business and mentoring children. As siblings, they come with unique teamwork perks.

Tools of Torment is set to be released on March 7 for PC and consoles.

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