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Loop Hero takes bits and pieces from lots of other kinds of games and shuffles them into something new. The individual parts are easy enough to understand, but it gets overwhelming fast.

Polygon’s Loop Hero guides are here to help you through every loop.

Beginner’s guides and explainers

We’ve got seven tips to get you started with Loop Hero’s confusing mechanics, as well as explainers for how to use the healing potion, how to drop items, and how to use confusing Maze of Memories golden card.

Class guides

Each of Loop Hero’s three classes play very differently, and require different strategies, traits, deck building, and equipment choices. We’ve got you covered with our warrior guide, rogue guide, and necromancer guide.

Boss fights

Loop Hero isn’t just endless loops. Eventually, you’ll face one of four chapter bosses — and a couple of secret boss fights. We’ll walk you through the first chapter’s boss fight against The Lich with tips on the best traits, equipment, card deck, and builds.

Beyond the four chapter bosses, there are a couple Easter egg-like, hidden boss fights. These secret bosses have specific summoning conditions and take a lot of work to find. We’ve got a guide to summoning and defeating the Frog King, as well as a guide to the secret bosses that show you an alternate ending.

Reference lists

If you’re just here for reference lists and information, we’ve got you covered there, too, with lists of every card and tile combination, as well as lists for where to find every resource in Loop Hero.

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7 beginner’s tips to untangle Loop Hero

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