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Patrick Star getting his own show from SpongeBob Squarepants creators

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A new report from Deadline says Patrick Star — SpongeBob Squarepants’ best friend and neighbor — will soon get his own animated series called The Patrick Star Show.

According to Deadline, The Patrick Star Show will be an in-universe late-night talk show hosted by Bikini Bottom’s dimmest denizen: the titular Patrick Star. Voice actors have reportedly already started recording lines, and the show’s first season will reportedly span 13 episodes — built by the same creative team as SpongeBob Squarepants.

Deadline reports the show will focus on “Patrick and his family,” with a mostly all-new cast of characters. However, some SpongeBob Squarepants characters will make guest appearances on the new show. It’s unclear how much of The Patrick Star Show will focus on Patrick’s late-night hosting gig. But we look forward to Patrick’s investigative reporting on important Bikini Bottom issues, and wonder if we’ll finally get a non-biased answer to “is mayonnaise an instrument?”

Polygon can independently confirm The Patrick Star Show’s existence. It’s currently unclear when The Patrick Star Show will air, and if it will appear on Nickelodeon or CBS All Access when it does.

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