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The LEGO Movie 2 will try to outdo ‘Everything Is Awesome’ with another infectious pop song

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If you haven’t thought about “Everything is Awesome” in five years, it’s probably going to be stuck in your head right now. The catchy pop song, sung by Canadian duo Tegan and Sarah (featuring The Lonely Island) was the anthem of The Lego Movie.

A new clip reveals that February’s sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is trying to outdo the sheer awesomeness of “Everything is Awesome” with a new song oh-so-self-awarely entitled “Catchy Song,” by Dillon Francis, T-Pain and That Girl Lay Lay. Featuring lyrics such as “This song’s gonna get inside your head” over and over again, the track is already an earworm.

While the full song itself is available to stream, the clip just shows brief clips of stars Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), Alison Brie (Community), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) and Jimmy O. Yang (Crazy Rich Asians) singing along.

“That’s how you up ‘Everything is Awesome,’” says Pratt towards the end of the clip. “That song.”

The Lego Movie: The Second Part takes place after the events of the first movie’s Taco Tuesday and will follow the invasion of Lego Duplo. Joining the aforementioned cast are Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99) and Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip). It comes to theaters on Feb. 8.

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