The Outer Worlds prismatic hammer science weapon location

The Outer Worlds guide: How to find the prismatic hammer

The Outer Worlds prismatic hammer science weapon Groundbreaker

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Science weapons in The Outer Worlds are unique, reality-defying weapons. They might not deal the most damage, but they sure are fun to use.

All five science weapons require energy cell ammo. Their damage scales with the wielder’s tech > science skill. The real use of science weapons are their physics-breaking properties.

In this guide, we’ll find the prismatic hammer on Groundbreaker.

Weapons From the Void // Acquire the Science Weapon on Groundbreaker

Once you get your ship repaired at the end of the main quest Stranger in a Strange Land, head to your quarters on the Unreliable. Read through the notes on your terminal to learn that Hawthorne had been trying to track down some science weapons. There are rumors of one on Groundbreaker.

The Outer Worlds prismatic hammer science weapon Groundbreaker

The secret path to the Repair Hangar on Groundbreaker.

Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Talk to Gladys on Groundbreaker, and buy the battered Mardet datapad from her. It will point you to a hidden room on the west side of the Groundbreaker map. Just past the customs checkpoint, but before you go through the door to the Groundbreaker Promenade, turn left. There’s a bunk room you can enter there. Use the boxes on the left wall to climb on top of the bunks. Duck through the hole in the wall to enter the Repair Hangar.

Clear out the outlaws, and use the Repair Hangar Keycard to open the door on the right (or just lockpick your way through).

Prismatic hammer

The prismatic hammer deals every kind of damage, depending on its wielder’s tech > science skill. Power attacks with it release a wave of energy that damage distant targets. Sweeping attacks deal multiple kinds of damage at once.

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